Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tour

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CAppadocia Hot Air Balloon Tour


Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tour is a online balloon tour reservation website.We provide never unforgettable balloon tour as quickly and safely.

MyTrip Travel Agency has TripAdvisor excellence certificates, clean record, new balloons and experienced pilots.We provide balloon tour to nearly 5,000 guest each year.

If you want to execute a dreamy balloon tour experience, choose us.


  • Professional Approach
  • Firstly Safety
  • Experienced Pilots
  • Fast and Resultant
  • Best Service
  • Best Price
  • Reliable and Honest
  • Choosing the Best Balloon Tour Operator

Cappadocia Balloon Tours

Cappadocia is ready to fascinate you with fairy chimneys and volcanic valleys.Cappadocia Balloon Tour is the best way to discover this extraordinary landscape.Cappadocia Balloon Tour start with sunrise and floats on the valleys, fairy chimneys, vineyards, stone houses.Valleys with different colors and balloons harmony will immortalize your memories that will allow you take excellent photos.


Standart Cappadocia Balloon Tour

Transfer: Pick up & Drop off Hotel
Breakfast: Snacks & Hot Drinks
Flight Time: 1 Hour
Basket Size: 16-20 Person
İnsurance: Includes
Regular Price: 175 €
Discounted Price: 150 €
Child: 0-4 years old can’t flight
Child Discount: %50 discounted price for 5-12 years old children


Deluxe Cappadocia Balloon Tour

Transfer: Pick up & Drop off Hotel
Breakfast: Snacks & Hot Drinks
Flight Time: 1 Hour
Basket Size: 12-16 Person
İnsurance: Includes
Regular Price: 200 €
Discounted Price: 175 €
Child: 0-4 years old can’t flight
Child Discount: %50 discounted price for 5-12 years old children


What is the age limit for children ?

Civil Aviation is not allowed to fly 0-4 year olds. 5 years children flies with permission from pilots.6-12 years old children flies with %50 discounted prices.

Can pregnant womans fly ?

No. Pregnant womans can't fly. The cause is the drifting on the ground during the landing when weather not good.

Do we always have a flight in Cappadocia ?

Yes. There are flights in Cappadocia for 12 months as long as the weather permits. It is the busiest period between March and November. There are also flights during the winter months but due to the bad weather, sometimes it is canceled by Civil Aviation.



Are flights safe ?

Balloon companies are flying with licensed pilots as legal obligation. Periodic maintenance of baskets and balloons is also mandatory. Inspections are carried out by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.



How is the payment ?

We firstly get pre-payment %10 of total price by bank transfer or mail order.You can pay at balloon tour remaining price.

How far will we go with the balloon?

Depending on the direction and severity of the wind, you will travel a distance of 4 km to 20 km.

How far are we going to raise the balloon?

Balloon lovers generally want to fly at low altitude in Cappadocia, which is why they want to see the geographical beauties closely. You will rise up to + 600m above the fairy chimneys, just over the trees.

How long is the balloon tour ?

A total of 3 hours of all activity from start to finish.

How many people will be in the basket ?

Cappadocia balloon tour baskets can carry 8 - 24 peoples. Big baskets prices are lower while small baskets prices are high.Our visitors have enough space to comfort moving.

What are the best conditions for flying ?

Cappadocia hot air balloons exhibits better performance in cold weather and rises more easily. Cappadocia balloon tours usually starts with sunrise.Only in winter periods if balloons cant flight because of foggy or bad weather conditions balloons can fly in afternoon. It's would be 3-5 times each year.

If Cappadocia Balloon Tour flights canceled ?

Firstly weather in sunrise time is important for Cappadocia Balloon Tour flights.If wind speed would be more than 11 km balloon flights will be canceled.


Civil aviation gives information by website to Cappadocia Balloon Tour operators.If balloons canceled we asking to our visitors about availability of next days.If our visitors don't have time for next days we refund back their deposite.

What should i bring with me ?

We reccommend definitely you charge your phone and camera.Because you will take a lot of excellent photos or videos.

How should I dress up?

Cappadocia is 1000 meters above sea level. At the same time it will be colder than when it is in the Cappadocia Balloon Tour. So we recommend that our guests dress very tightly during winter. 

Where will we be picked up at morning ?

Please be ready in the lobby of your hotel at the entrance gate for the time we have given you. You will be picked up 30m-45m before the Cappadocia Balloon Tour flight.


Please let us know your room number for pick up.

When will you report the pick up time?

We will inform you by email or sms or cheat applications.

What does free hotel transfer cover?

If you are staying in one of the Cappadocia region's hotels, we will arrange your arrival and departure to the hotel free of charge.We can pick you up from Nevsehir, Uchisar, Goreme, Avanos, Urgup, Mustafapasa, Ibrahimpasa, Gore, Kaymakli hotels.


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